The CreditorWatch Payment Rating

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On 1 July 2021, CreditorWatch launched Payment Rating - The payment rating displays a company’s payment history, including the average number of days that they take to pay their bills. This is compared to the industry average, so that you can compare how the business is paying in relation to other entities in the industry. This helps you identify and avoid slow paying businesses.


Accessing the Payment Rating

  1. Login to your CreditorWatch account. 
  2. Search the business name, ABN or ACN of the entity you want to find into the search bar. Then click search.


  1. Once you arrive at the credit profile you are seeking, then scroll down to Payment Rating.




  • Check payment ratings & histories - rated from A to E, helping you understand the likelihood of paying on time. Calculating an average number of days, the entity takes to pay debts.
  • We shine a light on slow paying business - considers B2B transactions through accounting integrations and ATB tradeline uploads. 
  • Compared to industry standards. 

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