Payment Default Dispute Process

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In the case a payment default has been lodged against your business that you believe is incorrect, you have a number of options;


1. Contact the credit provider

If the error relates to a credit facility that you have or have applied for, you should contact the creditor that the default relates to. You may be able to request for the creditor to investigate the listing and ask that your CreditorWatch commercial credit file is amended if the dispute is genuine.


2. Contact CreditorWatch

CreditorWatch has a default dispute process whereby defaults are investigated for their accuracy. The steps of this process are outlined below;


Step 1: Submit a payment default dispute request

The payment default dispute form can be found here.

If you have additional documentation you can provide, please attach it in the upload documents section when submitting the dispute form.

The more information you can provide, the sooner we can investigate your matter.


Step 2: CreditorWatch initiates investigation

Once we receive your dispute form, we will provide you with written confirmation that it has been received. Our Customer Resolutions team will investigate your request within 30 days and provide a response to you in writing. We may, however, notify you that there is a delay and seek to extend this time if we have not concluded our investigation.


Step 3: CreditorWatch contacts the credit provider and reviews their response

If necessary, we will contact the creditor on your behalf to have them verify the accuracy of the listing. CreditorWatch will review the information given by the creditor and make amendments, if any, to your commercial credit report if deemed necessary. If we are satisfied that the listing is valid, it will remain on file as is.


Step 4: CreditorWatch finalises the investigation

Once we have concluded our investigation, we will send you a written communication notifying you of the outcome. If the default dispute received from you cannot be validated and a correction is not made, CreditorWatch will write to you setting out in detail the outcome of its investigation and why the requested correction(s) were not made.


Click here to submit a payment default dispute





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