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A Faster Way to Identify Company Credit Risk

CreditorWatch customers have access to high-risk summary across all customers in their database. In one interactive list, it highlights your existing customers with high credit risk indicators on their credit reports.


These are the debtors that you need to keep a close eye on and prioritise the actions to protect your business. These actions can include limiting your payment terms or stopping credit altogether.


The High-Risk Summary can be found on the CreditorWatch dashboard page.


This feature will immediately flag any customers with:

  • Payment defaults
  • Court actions
  • Insolvency notices
  • Mercantile enquiries
  • Administrator or liquidator appointments
  • Winding up notifications


CreditorWatch's high risk summary looks at all your current customers that have previous adverse information. It's another way you can monitor and keep track of your riskiest customers.


The high risk list automatically populates itself whenever one of your monitored businesses exhibits a risky behaviour, like incurring a payment default. It's easily filterable by business name, credit score and risk factors to help you assess your list fast.


It's just another way we help over 50,000 Australian businesses stay on top of their debtors and prevent risky behaviour affecting their cash flow.

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