PPSR Registrations Using a Template via PPSRLogic

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To complete your PPSR Registration using a template through PPSRLogic, simply follow the steps below;


  1. Select the template from list and click create registration.


  1. Select Grantor Type: Organisation or Individual.


  1. Then select the Organisation Number Type.



There are a few PPSR rules to keep in mind when selecting an Organisation Number Type:


Individuals (including Sole Traders)

  • Given Names, Last Name and Date of Birth. You should obtain these details from a government issued document (i.e. Drivers Licence or Passport)
  • ABN’s for sole traders will not be sufficient as the identifier.


Company / Organisation

  • Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • Using the ABN as the identifier to register a company can make the registration invalid.
  • If present, use an ACN over an ABN


Partnerships, Trusts

  • Partnerships and trusts are registered via Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • When registering a Trust, you can also add the Trustee details to the registration (i.e. if the Trustee is a Pty Ltd company, then register the ACN, IN ADDITION to the ABN).


Australian Registered Body / Australian Registered Scheme

  • Whilst not common, you may come across entities that have an ARSN or ARBN in addition to the ABN.
  • In these cases you should register against the ABN and the relevant ARSN or ARBN.


 4. If it is an Individual or Sole Trader, you will need to provide their first name, last name and DOB.


  1. If it is an Organisation, select this followed by the Organisation Number Type.


  1. Enter the Organisation Number. This will automatically match the entity details.


  1. Verify these details. If you enter an ABN and an ACN is present, it is recommended that you use the ACN. To finish, simply click ‘create’.





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