What is Debtorlogic?

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DebtorLogic is an interactive trade program that provides a data-driven analysis of your Aged Trial Balance (ATB). Helps you identify your customer and supplier payment trends across the market and determine their likelihood of paying an outstanding amount. DebtorLogic reinvents the way you collect payment, empowering you to better understand a debtor’s risk and minimise bad debt.


Upload your ATB to track payment trends and stay on top of payment terms. Identify your best and worst customers by discovering who pays you and the market late. Compare your customers across industries and states using easy-to-read graphs and tables.

DebtorLogic allows you to append a Risk Score and Payment Rating to all of your customers so that you can review how they are paying other suppliers. This will enable you to respond to changing payment trends, stay on top of payment terms and prioritise your collections.


In addition, DebtorLogic flags high risk debtors in relation to outstanding payments and reveals adverse information such as: ABN/ACN changes, winding up notices, mercantile enquiries, court actions, cross directorship, changes to risk scores.


DebtorLogic is the only trade payment program that combines both small business and corporate trade data, providing an accurate picture of how a market gets paid. View your debtors’ credit profiles, likelihood of default and the riskiest debtors so you can prioritise collections.

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